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“Midnight Sessions does something that few pop oriented releases can ever manage – exhibiting full on pop music appeal while still speaking to adult concerns, all in an entertaining fashion.”

-Independent Music and Arts, Inc.
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“Midnight Sessions is understated and artful in the best possible way.”

-Indie Music Review

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“Brian Hutson’s Midnight Sessions signals the first big release of a career that, based on talent alone, will carry on for many years to come.”

-Too Much Love Magazine

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IMAAI Indie Music Review Too Much Love
“Hutson’s songwriting has a distinctly commercial quality, but it never panders to the least common denominator and, instead, wins listeners over through its marriage of supremely emotive singing and resonant narratives that strike chords in audiences across the board.”

-GasHouse Radio
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“Hutson’s vocal continues to show his penchant for whipping up very human moments through his music and pipes.”

-No Depression

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“The Midnight Sessions EP builds off the success of his first singles and launches his career properly with a fully realized, albeit brief, musical work that sets the stage for his future.”

-Skope Magazine

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GasHouse Radio No Depression Skope Magazine Logo
“Midnight Sessions delivers marvelous melodies and simmering rhythms, while Brian Hutson’s voice is the scrumptious frosting on the musical cake, rife with savory textures, colors and moods.”

-Huffington Post
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“Hutson’s songwriting on Midnight Sessions is accessible, yet smacks enough of the personal that it feels we’re getting a well-rounded look into the heart of a man.”

-Vents Magazine

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“Midnight Sessions is one of the most rewarding sustained debut releases in recent memory and begins the process of Brian Huston realizing the talents so evident in his early singles.”


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“Midnight Sessions is a sturdy reminder of what a committed performer can do, whatever it takes when they are engaged in making a first-class release.”

-Indie Band Guru
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Brian Hutson is a radio-charting pop artist known for his rich voice and heartfelt, accessible lyrics. Raised in New York’s Hudson Valley and currently residing in New York City, Brian’s passion for singing began at a young age and has led him to work across a broad range of vocal repertoires, spanning pop, rock, easy listening, jazz, Broadway, classical, and opera.

Brian’s talents for singing were recognized at age 12 by the director of his school choir, who encouraged him to progress to select and regional choirs as well as adjudicated solo singing. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics, Brian set his sights on learning new vocal repertoires, including opera, classical, and jazz, and pursued private vocal lessons to develop his craft. After graduation, Brian began working on Wall Street, balancing the demands of his job with time for his creative outlet – singing and songwriting.

While singing Michael Bublé’s Everything at his office holiday party, Brian was discovered by renowned music producer, Joe Vulpis. Vulpis immediately took Hutson into the studio to begin recording. Released to radio in summer 2015, Hutson’s first single Let It Ride debuted at number 48 on the Adult Contemporary Top 200, peaking at number 5. It remained in the Top 10 of the AC Top 200 chart for 10 weeks and was played on steady rotation in 6 countries in Europe. Vulpis and Hutson finished off the year by bringing a fresh, bluesy sound to the popular holiday song, Blue Christmas (originally recorded by Elvis Presley). The single could be heard on SiriusXM and many major market Billboard radio stations across the country throughout the holiday season.

Brian released his five-track debut EP, Midnight Sessions, in November 2017, to a wave of critical acclaim. Randy Radic from HuffPost wrote: “Midnight Sessions delivers marvelous melodies and simmering rhythms, while Brian Hutson’s voice is the scrumptious frosting on the musical cake, rife with savory textures, colors and moods.” Mindi McCall of No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music wrote, “This first sustained musical work from a talented vocalist and songwriter heralds the arrival of a new force and harbors enormous potential to do much more than merely carve out a reputation as a critical darling.”

Hutson is coming off a tremendous 2017 with partnerships with Martenero watches, Sennheiser microphones, and multiple licensing deals with Macy’s, Gap, Victoria Secret, and Old Navy. His next single, Anything Can Happen, is set to release on Valentine’s Day 2018, followed by his debut album, This Is It, in late spring.



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